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Redlinski's Adds More Charbroiled Hots to WNY | Business

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Redlinski's Adds More Charbroiled Hots to WNY
Redlinski's Adds More Charbroiled Hots to WNY

I haven’t read much about the Redlinski’s restaurant or the company, but I simply assumed they would pale in comparison to Ted’s Hot Dogs or Sahlen’s. In Buffalo those are the respective kings of the hot dog world and whenever a friend from Rochester/Batavia/wherever would try to tell me otherwise, I would usually ignore them. So when Alli and I visited Redlinski’s Red Hots in West Seneca last weekend, I was excited to try a new restaurant but also not expecting too much.

The restaurant sits in a plaza that has seen an incredible amount of turnover in the last 15 years, Alli and I both have fond memories of going to birthday parties at Major Magic in this very plaza when we were little. The inside of Redlinski’s is very large (formerly a home to an auto parts store), with a white and red theme that reminded me of Five Guys. Similar to other Hot Dog restaurants you simply walk up to the counter and order your food, however their menu has a larger variety of Hot Dogs/toppings than most. The biggest complaint about the restaurant has been their prices and not their food. The prices are in fact a little bit more expensive then competitors but not by much. Alli and I ordered two hot dogs, a burger, fries with gravy, a drink and a milkshake and the total was under $25.

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