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State Says New Bills Lease Will Get Done | News

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State Says New Bills Lease Will Get Done

BUFFALO, N.Y. -  With New York State expected to pick the majority of the estimated $225 million in improvements at Ralph Wilson Stadium as part of a new lease with the Buffalo Bills, 2 On Your Side's Scott Brown questioned Governor Cuomo's representative in Western New York about the state's commitment to keeping the Bills here.

Scott Brown: "People hear about an interim lease, and the concern among Bills fans is that the team is going to leave."

Sam Hoyt: "An interim lease does not mean that there is a crisis at hand. There have been on going negotiations, they have been continuous for many, many months, probably upwards of a dozen different meetings between the parties. Governor Cuomo is absolutely committed to negotiating a responsible lease, but one that keeps the Bills in Buffalo for years to come."

Scott Brown: "You said there have been constant negotiations, yet the County Executive said there hasn't been a meeting since June?"

Sam Hoyt: "I know that as recent as the middle of August county officials and state officials met in Albany and the Bills and the Lieutenant Governor have been in discussions. There are three parties involved, all of the parties aren't involved in all of the meetings but there are regular discussions."

Scott Brown: "But shouldn't the three parties have met more recently than two and a half months ago?"

Sam Hoyt: "All I can tell you is there have been high level discussions between the Lieutenant Governor and (Bills CEO) Russ Brandon, meetings with the Deputy County Executive and senior gubernatorial appointees in Albany have taken place and the Bills were in New York City with myself and senior executive appointees in the governor's office. Our goal is a long term lease that has guarantees that the Bills stay in Buffalo for the length of that lease."

Scott Brown: "Regardless of who the owner may be?"

Sam Hoyt: "Regardless of who the owner is."


















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