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Kelly: "The Bills are not going anywhere." | News

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Kelly: "The Bills are not going anywhere."

Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly remains very close to the process of keeping the Bills in Western New York after Ralph Wilson passes away.  Kelly tells 2-On-Your-Side's Adam Benigni he remains very confident about the team's long term future here.

Here is the transcript from that portion of the interview:

Benigni: "You have said publicly that you will do whatever is in your power to keep the team here. What is in your power?

Kelly:  Nothing is in my power.  You rewind the tape just from like four years ago my answer is still the same because this is Mr. Wilson's team... And for me to even think about saying or doing anything right now would be so premature because even after the good Lord decides that it's Mr.Wilson's time, there's still going to be a year or year and a half before anything is done.
What is such a big plus for us, is that we have a commissioner that is from Western New York.  Not to put any more pressure on Roger, but Roger Goodell wants to see it stay here.    I don't think any congressman or woman in this state would want to see the Buffalo Bills leave Western New York.

Benigni: Do you have your group ready to go?

Kelly: Which one?

Benigni: The group that is interested in purchasing the team.

Kelly: You know what... I have so many people that have come to me.  It's not that I have one group because that would be pretty foolish of me to go with one individual group because my objective is to put my two cents in where it needs to be to make sure that, number one, this team stays in Western New York.  I know enough people that have enough money to make sure that happens.  Put it that way.  I know there are other groups our there too that want make sure it stays in Western New York.  There are not many groups that I know of that want to purchase the Buffalo Bills and take them somewhere else.  I don't think that would happen, to be honest with you, I don't think we have anything to worry about... but you never know.

Benigni: What is it about Ralph that there's no transition plan set up that we know of, publicly anyway.  Can you shed any light on that because I think it feeds into what we're talking about here.

Kelly: It does and I know where you're going with it and I can only tell you that Mr. Wilson is so passionate about the Bills and him being a part of it until the day he dies.  I do know things I can't really say, but the bottom line is the Bills are not going anywhere.  Put it that way... and if they go somewhere that's something totally out of right field."

Kelly also says he thinks that long term a new stadium will need to be built somewhere in Western New York to secure the team long term.  He said said would largely be determined by new ownership.  He said that based on his potential involvement he does have a vision of his own, but did not want to share it at this time.




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