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Orchard Park Firefighters Raise Thousands For "Toys For Tots" | News

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Orchard Park Firefighters Raise Thousands For "Toys For Tots"

BUFFALO, NY - The holidays are the perfect time to volunteer and give of your time and money if you can.  Recently, volunteers from the Orchard Park Fire Department showed the community how much they care, by donating hundreds of new toys to children that otherwise might not open any presents on Christmas morning.

The volunteers hit the streets with empty fire boots asking motorists to donate whatever they could to make this Christmas a brighter one for children in need.

Firefighter Christine Petrie says, "We expected handfuls of change, some through in tens, twenties, as soon as they knew it was for Toys for Tots, they through in extra donations."

Donations that really added up this year, $9,200 to be exact, hundreds more than last year, and in this day and age, that's a great two day fundraiser.

"The economy is not great now.  Turning and seeing people willing to donate and give a kid a smile warmed everyone's heart," said Petrie.

The firefighters enjoyed the trip to a local Toys R Us, racking up quite a big bill.  They were able to buy nearly seven hundred gifts, toys that Marine Keisha Toro says could change a life.

"For the people it brings hope; hope for Christmas; if you have hope for Christmas its amazing to think what your future could be like."

Orchard Park Fire Chief Chris Couell says he is extremely proud that his firefighters gave up their weekend before Christmas to try to make a child's holiday a little brighter.


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