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Could "Ungrowth" Be Healthy for WNY?

Could "Ungrowth" Be Healthy for WNY?

BUFFALO, N.Y. - The U.S. Census Bureau recently released results of the 2010 census for New York, and the numbers show that population in all eight Western New York counties continues to decline. The City of Buffalo lost 10.7% of its population since the 2000 census, down to 261,310. Erie County’s population (919,040) is down 3.3%.

Local media unanimously reported this decline in population as a negative. (See the complete WGRZ report here.) Erie County Executive Chris Collins has said before: "We must grow or die."

But is the news all that bad?

Congressman Tom Reed Announces Saturday Town Meetings in Southern Tier

Congressman Tom Reed Announces Saturday Town Meetings in Southern Tier


Congressman Tom Reed today announced that he will hold three town meetings this Saturday, February 26.

The meetings provide an opportunity for residents of the 29th District to express opinions and speak directly with their Congressman as our nation grapples with extreme financial challenges. “We just passed a Continuing Resolution which cuts $100 billion from the Federal Government,” Reed commented. “What do people think? Where should be we reduce spending? What should our priorities be?”

You Don't Want to Know

It's the end of the night and the boys are getting ready for bed.  They are doing their last minute teeth brushing, water sipping, and using the toilet.  I am in my bed.  Then, I hear the following,

Bathroom door opens.

Jadon screams, "Ewe!" in a high pitched, screaming, disgusted, voice. 

Joey, "It was a mistake!  Go get the paper towels!"

Jadon, "Oh my gosh.  How did you do that!"

Joey, "I don't know.  Just go get the paper towels."

Jadon runs out and slams the bathroom door shut.

Joe opens the bathroom door.

"Joey!" yells Joe.

Joe continues, "What in the world did you do?  How did you make such a mess?"

Joey explains, "I don't know it was an accident."

"Don't touch me.  Don't touch anything.  It's all over your hands.  Don't touch your face.  Ah, now it's on your face!"  Joe yells anxiously.

Weeks of Work...Destroyed in Seconds

Ah, Christmas.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Stop singing.  Really though, it is the most wonderful time of the year.  It's funny how weeks of work preparing for Christmas are destroyed in seconds. 

I am not one of those women who plans for Christmas on December 26th.  My planning begins around November 1st.  Two years ago I finally decided to try out online shopping. Holy cow, why didn't I do that sooner?  Amazon.com became my favorite place to shop.  Great prices and free shipping, you can't beat it.  I shop in my pajamas, in bed, with a coffee in hand.  How great is that?  As the packages come in, I wrap the gifts inside.  No more mass wrapping on Christmas Eve.  That has made for a much more pleasant me come 7am Christmas day.

"My Morning Madness"

A typical morning in the Pasinski house is a whirlwind.  I like to think I’m pretty organized.  My husband would probably definitely disagree.  Getting five children up and ready on a weekday is probably harder than it should be.
Mornings actually begin at night.  I pack the lunches, sort through the school folders, and lay out clothes the night before.  In a perfect world the morning would be smooth and orderly because of the steps I take at night.  It’s not a perfect world.. 

Here’s a run through of how this morning started. 

Cyberstalking on Facebook? The cowardly trolls of Facebook and what you need to know

Cyberstalking on Facebook?  The cowardly trolls of Facebook and what you need to know

ON the WGRZ Channel Facebook page, recently I posted a subject on the Greatest Generation and the enemy that attacked them at Pearl Harbor. I used references of news reports that used the word "Jap." One person became upset with not the fact that America was attacked on that day nor that 1000’s died but rather he said the word was not PC.

From there on his comments, anger and frustration grew. With each post I made, his comments became more personal in nature and obscene. He encourages several others to persist in this venture.

It is a shame that people have to stoop so low that they engage in such gutter language and treatment. To the point of trying to gain information on you, where you live, make untrue and false statements.

I refer to them as cyber trolls. You can tell sometimes because when they have lost an argument or can no long engage they revert to such action.

So what is it?

Why? "Poop In A Candle"

Why?  "Poop In A Candle"
I will never forget that day. January 27, 2009.  My sweet boy Christian was 4; yes FOUR years old. But first, let me back up a little.

Christian was terrible at keeping the stuff that should stay in the diaper or toilet, ACTUALLY in the diaper or toilet.  When he was 2 yrs old, he would wake up in the morning and silently rip his diaper open until the contents (including all that nasty jelly stuff) would be all over his crib. You know what I'm talking about.  If you've ever let your child sit in a pool with a regular diaper, you've seen that jelly.  It's gross and it sticks to everything!  I know what you're thinking: "Get him out when he wakes up."